Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Promote blog kawan

Haha sebelum terlupa.. Seorang kawan sy.. Blogger.. Bicara Sama Awan.. Dy nk promote buku baru dy dn berposing la sy membaca blog beliau.. Buntu nak bwt pose ape.. Siap suruh interns sy jd tukang hamek gambar.. Dahlah berkurung biru hari ini.. Siap ade member nyanyi lagu baldu biru.. Hahaha

Here are few snaps kebengonganku:-

Shopping Spree

I am crazee today.. Even lacking of money still wanna do a last minutes spree for raya.. (i am not a shopaholic, once in a blue moon i does my shopping) I bought the red shoes to match with my so call 'baju raya' and earings too.. Ooomaii.. I do love earings so much.. Thanx to two my buddies to accompany and contribute ideas for me buying these stuff.. Love u both.. Last but not least.. The last item im gonna get is a big brooch.. Was it ok if its a round big pewter with no *bling2* for rm40? What do you think?

Move on & try your best

Today again im facing hurtful moments.. When u do felt for someone at your workplace.. Guess people do change.. How it change from someone who would do anything for u to someone who dont even care.. People's keep on saying he does have someone's else.. But he never admit and never try to defends me if its not true.. Why im so weak over him..why am i not strong to fight my feelings.. Its really hurt.. Only Allah knows how it feels.. Im just facing it cooly, in control and patience let Allah decide everything.. Allah knows what best for u.. And thats what i keep telling myself.. Even no matter how hard u try to keep the relationship going.. If its never meant to be.. If the hearts are not belongs to you no more.. Remember u cant force love.. It is beyond your will and power.. All i can do.. Is telling myself to be patience and let Allah do the rest.. Just trying my best to keep on living for Him..

Remember "if you never happy being single, then you will never be happy in a relationship, find whats make you happy...."


Guess wat?? A jakun me.. Juz found out i can post anything via my phone.. It has apps blogger for iphone.. And im lovin this.. I can update anything and anytime.. Hahaha very the "jakun" me..

Monday, August 13, 2012

To Start

wow...dah lama tak menulis.. maafkan sy sebab sy suka menulis bahasa rojak.. tujuan mem"blog" kembali adalah cuba menguatkan kembali diri yang makin lama makin lemah.. bukan bertujuan meraih simpati bukan bertujuan apa2.. hanya ingin berkongsi rasa.. kepada yang mengalaminya jua.. sy bukan hanya nak berkongsi rasa and cerita yang dilalui.. malah juga ingin berkongsi hari2 sy, aktiviti sy.. kpd sesiapa yg sudi membaca... awkwardnye lama x tulis.. selalunye tulis dalam diary..haha blog ini ibarat diary maya saya mulai hari nih..jom writing2.. sooner will update more life experience, motivations, wat i do, wat i buy, and ofcourse wat i eat..hahaha see ya!!